Hair (OBCR 1968)

Hairspray (OMPS 2007)

Half A Sixpence (OLC 1963)

Halloween The Musical (SCR 2011)

Happy Days - A New Musical (OCR 2013)

Hard Times The Musical (OLCR)

Heathers New Musical (OCR 2014)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (OCR 2010)

Hello, Dolly! (OMPS 1969)

Gabrielle Bell (Twang) No More Love Songs

Game Of Thrones (OMPS 2015)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (NYC Encore Album)

George M (OBCR 1968)

Ghost (OLC, 2011)

GiGi (OFS 1958)

GiG (OBCR 2015)

Girl Crazy (OCR 1943)

Glee: The Christmas Album, 2010

I And Albert (OLCR 1972)

I Can't Sing (OLCR 2014)

I Do I Do (OCR 1966)

I Love My Wife (OBC 1977)

I Love You Because - A Modern Day Love Story (OBCR 2014)

I Love You Youre Perfect Now Change (OCR)

I Miss You Already (OMPS 2015)

If/Then A New Musical (OBCR 2014)

I'll Cover You (Telly Leung)

I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking on the road (OLC 1980)

In The Good Old Summertime (1949)

In the Heights (OBC 2008)

Into The Woods (OLC 1991)

Into The Woods (OMPS 2015)

In The Good Old Summertime (OCR 1949)

Inside Out (OMPS 2015)

Interview With A Vampire (OMPS 1994)

Irma la Douce (OBC 1971)

Imagine This (OCR 2007)

Irene (OBCR 1973)

Island Song (OCR 2013)

It Shoulda Been You (OBCR 2015)

It's A Bird It's A Plane It's Superman (OBCR 1966)

It's Time - Louise Dearman

Grim The New Musical (OLC 2014)

Grind (OBC 1985)

Grind 'The Film' (OST)

Grey Gardens (OCR 2012)

Ground Hog Day (OMPS 1993)

Guys & Dolls (OMPS 1955)

Guys and Dolls (NT LC 1982)

Gypsy, OBC 1959

Gypsy (OMPS 1962)

Gypsy, OBC (OLC 1973)

Gypsy (OBCR 1989)

Gypsy (OBCR 2003)

Gypsy (OBCR 2008

Gypsy (OLCR 2015)

Hot Shoe Shuffe (OLCR 1995

House Of Flowers (OBCR 1954)

Honk! (OLC 1999)

House Of Flowers (OBC 1954)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How To Succeed In Business Without

Really Trying (OCR 2011)

Hunchback the Musical (SCR 2014)

Hercules (OMPS 1997)

Here Comes The Sun - Louise Dearman

Here Lies Love (OCR 2014)

High Society (OMPS 1956)

High - Daniek Koek

High Fidelity (OCR 2007)

Hocus Pocus (OMPS 1993)

Honeymoon In Vagas (OCR 2014)

Godspell (OBC 1971)

Golden Boy (OBCR 1964)

Good News (OFS 1930)

Golden Rainbow (OBCR 1968)

Goldilocks (OBCR 1958)

Gone With The Wind (OMPS 1930)

Good Time Charlie (OBCR 1975)

Gotta Sing Gotta Dance: A Musical History

Grand Hotel (OBC 1989)

Grease (OLC 1993)

Grease (OMPS 1978)

Grease 2 (OMPS 1982)