Taboo (OLC 2002)

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (OMPS 1949)

Tangled (OMPS 2010)

Tantivy Towers (OCR 1931)

Tarzan (OBC 2006)

Tea For Two (OMPS 1950)

Tell Me On A Sunday (LCR 2003)

Tell Me On A Sunday (OCR 1980)

Thanks For The Memory (OMPS 1938)

That Time of the Year (OBCR)

The Act (OBC 1977)

The Addams Family (OBC 2010)

The A-Z of Mrs P (OLC 2014)

The Fantastics (OBC 1979)

The Fix (OLC 1997)

The Full Monty (OBC 2000)

The Glorious Ones (OCR 2007)

The Bakers Wife (Patti LuPone)

The Baker's Wife (OCR 1990)

The Beautiful Game (OLCR 2000)

The Boy From Oz (OBC, 2003)

The Boyfriend (OLC 1984)

The Boyfriend (OLC 1984)

The Bridges of Madison County (OBC 2013)

The Burnt Part Boys (OCR 2014)

The Card (OLC 1994)

The CBS TV Special With Carol Burnett

The Clock Makers Daughter (OLCR 2015)

The Civil War (Barrowman)

The Color Purple (OBCR 2005)

The Commitments (OMPS 1991)

The Cradel Will Rock (OMPS 1999)

The Cradel Will Rock (OLCR 1985)

Salad Days (OLCR 1979)

Salad Days (OLCR 1954)

Sail Away (OBC 1963)

Saturday Night (WPR 1997)

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens (OCR 2013)

Scandalous The Musical (OCR 2012)

Scarlet Pimpernel (OBCR 1997)

Scott Alans Greatest Hits

Scottsboro Boys (OBC 2010)

Scrooge (OCR, 1997)

See Saw (OBC 1973)

Selma (OMPS 2015)

Seussical (OBC 2001)

Seance On A Wet Afternoon (OBC 2011)

She Loves Me (LC 1994)

Sherlock Holmes (OMST 2009)

Sherlock Holmes (OCR 1993)

Sherry! (Studio 2004)

Shrek The Musical (OBC 2009)

Show Boat (OBCR 1962)

Sibling Revelry (album, 1996)

Side Show (OBC 1997)

Silence! The Musical (Off-Off-Bdw 2005)

Silk Stockings (OMPS 1957)

Singin in the Rain (NLR 2012)

Singing In The Rain (OMPS  1952)

Sister Act (OLC 2009)

Sky Scraper The Musical (OBCR 1965)

Sleeping Arrangements (OCR 2013)

Smile (OCR 1988)

Snoopy The Musical (OCR 1988)

Soho Cinders (Live concert 2011)

Some Like It Hot (OMPS 1959)

Something Rotten (OBCR 2015)

Song Of Singapore (Off Bdway 1991)

Songs Frm The Capeman

Songs for a New World (OCR 1997)

Sound of Music (NLC 2006)

South Pacific  (OMPS 1958)

South Pacific (NTC 2002)

Sons Of Anarchy (OTVS 2015)

Spamalot (OBC 2008)

Spider Man Turn Off the Dark (OBC 2011)

Spring Awakening (OBC 2006)

Starlight Express (OLC, 1984)

Starting Here, Starting Now (OLC 1977)

Steel Pier (OBC 1997)

Stephen Ward (OLC 2013)

Stop The World I Want to Get Off (OLC 1961)

Stages - Josh Groban

Subways are for Sleeping (OBCR 1961)

Summer Stock (OMPS 1950)

Sunday In The Park With George (OLC 1990)

Sunny Afternoon (OLC 2014)

Sunset Boulevard (OLC 1993)

Sweeney Todd (OBCR 1979)

Sweeney Todd (OMPS 2006)

Sweet Charity (SCR 2009)

Sweet Charity (OBR 1966)

Sweet Smell of Success (OBCR 2002)

Swing Time (OMPS 1936)

The Daily Fail: the Musical (OCR 2014)

The Drowsy Chaperone (OBC 2006)

The Far Pavillions (OLCR 2005)

The Go Between (OCR 2012)

The Goonies (OMPS 1985)

The Good Old Bad Old Days - Anthony Newley

The Great Gatsby (OMPS 2013)

The Great Race (OMPS 1965)

The Happy Time (OCR 1968)

The House Of Mirrors & Hearts (OCR 2015)

The Hired Man (OCR 2003)

The Hot Mikado (OLC 1995)

The Hunger Games (OMPS 2014)

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OMPS 1996)

The In-Between (OCR 2012)

The Iron Giant (OMPS 1999)

The King and I  (OMPS 1946)

The King & I (OBR 2015)

The King and I (SCR 1992)

The Lady In The Van (OMPS 2015)

The Ladn Of Smiles (OCR 1931)

The Last Five Years (OBC 2013)

The Last Ship (Concept Album 2014)

The Life (OBC 1997)

The Light in the Piazza (OBCR 2005)

The Lion King (OBCR 1997)

The Lost Boys (OMPS 1987)

The Lost Christmas (SCR 2008)

The Mad Show (OBCR 1966)

The Man Inside (Concept Album 2014)

The Me Nobody Knows (OCR 1970)

The Mirror Has Two Faces (OMPS 1996)

The Musicals Of Musicals (Off Bdway CR)

The Musicality Of Novello

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (NBC 2012)

The Phantom Of The Opera (OLCR 1986)

The Pirate(OMPS 1948)

The Princeford Pals (OCR 2014)

The Pink Lady (OCR 1911)

The Princess & The Frog (OMPS 2010)

The Prodigals (OC 2013)

The Producers (OBCR 2001)

The Pyjama Game (OCR 1957)

The Rink (OBC 1984)

The Reason - Rachel Tucker

Roar Of The Grease Paint The Smell Of The Cowd (OBCR 1965)

The Route To Happiness (OCR 2014)

The Scottsboro Boys (OBC)

The Secret Garden (OBC 1991)

The Snowman (OMPS 1982)

The Sound of Rodgers & Hammerstein - Album

The Stars Sing Lunch The musical

The Story of My Life (OBC 2009)

The Swan Princess (OMPS 1994)

The Wild Party (OBC 2000 laChuisa)

The Wixard Of Ox (OMPS 1939)

They're Playing Our Song (OBC 1979)

Thirteen Stories Down - The Songs of  Jonathan Reid Gealt

Thoroughly Modern Millie (OBC 2002)

Three Little Pigs (SCR 2012)

Tick Tick...Boom! (OCR 2001)

Tinseltown (OCR EP 2014)

Titanic (OBC 1997)

Title Of Show (OCR 2006)

To Do To Be - Tim Prottey-Jones

Tommy (OCR 1992)

Tomorrow Morning (Chicago 2008)

Top Hat (OLC 2012)

Twos Company (OBCR 2015)

Urinetown (OBC 2001)

Ushers: The FOH Musical (OCR 2014)