Join the wonderful Ms Samantha Mann & her long suffering producer for her spoken words every Monday night from 9pm.

Did you know...

Ms Samantha Mann is a civil-service librarian and an award-winning Spoken Word Artist.

Samantha is a holder of a 'Merv' Spirit Of The Fringe Award for her show Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit as well as winning the Buxton Fringe award in 2016 for best Individual Comedy Performance.

She has also been a finalist in the 2015 Old Comedian Of The Year competition.

If you would like Samantha to answer any problems you may have all you have to do is tweet her @TRCTHREE or email her in the studio

Not only will Samantha introduce you to her unique taste in music, which is fuelled by her passion for Peter Skellern, but she will also attempt to solve any problem you may have as she is a trainee Agnoy Aunt of the highest dedication.